Membership with HHCK

The strength of our work lies with our membership….

In these uncertain times, we need a unified voice for advancing and defending housing priorities at the federal and state levels of government. Here is some of what we are doing to support communities’ housing needs across Kentucky:

§  Advocating for continued federal housing and community development funding for our partners.

§  Implementing a legislative agenda in Frankfort and increasing the profile of housing in the Commonwealth, including promotion of the Uniform Residential Landlord Tenant Act and defending low-income consumers’ rights in housing, health care, and economic legislation.

§  Facilitating the Kentucky Interagency Council on Homelessness, the statewide planning body for homeless issues, and bringing in state and national experts to provide training.

§  Advising the Balance-of-State Continuum of Care on policy issues.

§  Working with other cross-sector policy groups to help policymakers make the connection between safe, decent, and affordable housing to individual and community well-being.

§  Partnering with housing developers on the 2020 Housing Vision initiative, a broadbased campaign to develop a clear vision for housing across the Commonwealth.

§  Providing organizational capacity to nonprofits and local governments to meet housing needs through the Homes for All national service programs.

Benefits of Partner Organization membership include a free annual membership meeting, training and technical assistance, and access to a health insurance association for small employers. Additionally, your membership – whether at the individual/advocacy level or as a partnering organization – helps support permanent supportive housing for people experiencing chronic homelessness in underserved areas and allows us to be a resource for technical questions and issues for organizations across Kentucky. If there are additional ways HHCK can support your efforts to increase housing opportunities in your community, please feel free to reach out to Adrienne Bush or call by phone at 502-223-1834, ext. 101.

Membership Rates

For partner agencies and organizations, membership is based on annual organizational budget:
<$100,000 = $50
$100,000-$249,000 = $100
$250,000-$499,000 = $200
$500,000-$749,000 = $250
$750,000-$999,000 = $300
$1,000,000+ = $400

Advocacy Memberships are based upon the individual’s or organization’s ability to give.