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HHCK is excited to be part of the Kentucky Non-Profit Network KY Gives #GivingTuesday drive on December 1.  Support HHCK’s mission to end the threat of homelessness in the Commonwealth to eliminate the threat of homelessness and fulfill the promise of safe, decent, and affordable housing for all Kentuckians by donating at our #GivingTuesday page at

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Thank you to World-Renowned Guitarist
Bill Frisell for his Amazing Performance on November 19 at the Clifton Center Benefitting 
HHCK & the
Coalition for the Homeless


The legendary jazz guitarist Bill Frisell ( performed an amazing concert on November 19 as a gift to the people of Kentucky.  Mr. Frisell did not accept a fee so that all proceeds benefitted the Give-a-Jam to End Homelessness, a joint project of the Clifton Center and the Coalition for the Homeless now in its 5th year.

All proceeds from this special Give-a-Jam event went to the Coalition for the Homeless and HHCK in support of our work to provide permanent housing for the homeless in Louisville and throughout Kentucky. Thanks to everyone who attended the concert for your support! 

We want to thank the event’s hosts at the Clifton Center for their donation of the theater and VIP reception space, plus all of the work Clifton Center staff did to organize the concert- especially Executive Director John Harris.  We also thank 21c Museum Hotel- Louisville for donating rooms for Mr. Frisell’s stay!


HHCK Partners with the Coalition on Human Needs to Release Too Many Kentuckians Remain in Poverty: Investments in Human Needs Programs Needed, but Cuts Threaten to Leave More Behind

This report, based on new Census data shows the need to protect and invest in housing, nutrition, early childhood education, low-income tax credits, health care, job training, and many other programs in order to speed up the too-slow rate of poverty reduction.

Call Senator McConnell (202-224-2541), Senator Paul (202-224-4343), and your US Representative (Whitfield, 202-225-3115; Guthrie, 202-225-3501;  Yarmuth, 202-225-5401; Massie, 202-225-3465; Rogers, 202-225-4601; Barr,  202-225-4706) and ask them to support ending Sequestration Non-Defense Discretionary Cuts.

Click here to download a PDF of the report.

Click here to download this infographic from the report.

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

Join the Healthy Homes Coalition to Support Enactment of the Uniform Residential Tenant Act Statewide!

URLTA Will Help Ensure for Safe and Healthy Homes  for All Kentucky Renters

Enacting URLTA Statewide is part of the 2016 Blueprint for Kentucky’s Children!

 Click here to learn more about URLTA.

Organizations and Businesses: Show Your Support by Joining the Healthy Homes Coalition.

Individuals:  Click here to sign on online petition supporting supporting implementation of URLTA statewide


Kentucky Department of Education Homeless Student Counts for 2014-2015 School Year Now Available

Click here to download homeless student counts by district and grade for the 2014-2015 school year.

Click here to view the webpage to see all documentation relevant to the Title X, Part C – Education for Homeless Children and Youth Program administered by the Department of Education.


The 2015 K Count data is available online!

 Use this link to download the data as an Excel File.
Visit Kentucky Housing Corporation’s K Count Page for more information.
Click here for a 2 page summary of the 2015 K-Count provided at the April 7, 2015 meeting of the Kentucky Interagency Council on Homelessness.

HHCK 2016 Kentucky Legislative Agenda

Click here to review HHCK’s 2016 Kentucky Legislative Agenda.

Click here to review HHCK’s 2015 Federal Policy Priorities.

Help build HHCK’s strength as a policy advocate by becoming an Advocacy Member of HHCK!


Thanks to Everyone Who Made the 2015 Kentucky Affordable Housing Conference a Great Success!

HHCK wishes to thank our partners at Kentucky Housing Corporation for all of their hard work in planning and executing the 2015 Affordable Housing Conference.  We also offer our gratitude for the speakers who made the diverse selection of conference workshops so successful and informative.  Thanks also to the over 600 people who attended the conference.  They wereare truly a diverse group with representatives from an array of organizations: homeless service providers; housing developers; social service organizations; health care providers government agencies; community-based social justice organizations, construction firms, and financial institutions. What binds you together is a strong

We’ also like to thank HHCK’s sponsors for the 2015 Kentucky Affordable Housing Conference. Your support was essential to the event’s success.

Humana CareSource – Silver Sponsor

Passport Health Plan – Silver Sponsor

WellCare – Bronze Sponsor

Anthem Medicaid – Honorary Sponsor

Coventry Cares– Honorary Sponsor

FAHE – Honorary Sponsor

Foothold Technology – Exhibitor

Thanks also to KHC’s Sponsors of the 2015 Kentucky Affordable Housing Conference!

Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing – Presenting Sponsor
Greystone Affordable Housing Initiatives LLC– Platinum Sponsor
Federal Home Loan Bank of Cincinnati – Gold Sponsor
PNC Bank – Gold Sponsor
Wallick Communities – Gold Sponsor
Woda Group LLC – Gold Sponsor
Bank of New York-Mellon Trust Company N.A. – Silver Sponsor
Buckeye Community Hope Foundation – Silver Sponsor
Clark Schaefer Hackett – Silver Sponsor
Enterprise Community Partners Inc.– Silver Sponsor
Episcopal Retirement Homes – Silver Sponsor
The Model Group – Silver Sponsor
Oracle Design Group Inc. -Silver Sponsor
The Summit Group – Silver Sponsor

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